Harold “Sally” Saldenah (1925-1985) had a deep love of history and intensely researched his topics to ensure that he was able to recreate the moments in time in history. These historical epics are renowned for the magnificence, colour and splendour of their costumes. In the first of his six Band of the Year productions in 1955 Imperial Rome, 44BC to 96AD, he designed and created costumes using velvet, leather and copper to portray centurions, gladiators, vestal virgins, Caesars and Nero, even his soldiers in short skirts to be as “real” as possible. Norris Eustace was one of Saldenah’s chief designers while Ken Morris (1924-1992), a master of the art of copper crafting, fabricated the copper breastplates. The use of foils and copper and having “sections” in a band were innovations introduced by Saldenah into mas. His first major production was Quo Vadis in 1953, based on the movie of the same name, and featured Roman soldiers with helmets made of papier mache painted to look authentic. El Dorado, City Of Gold in 1968, the last of his six victorious presentations, in which he used a lot of foils, has been described as creating a glistening spectacle in the setting sun at the Queen’s Park Savannah. Saldenah copped six Band of the Year titles (1955, 1956, 1958, 1964, 1965, 1968) before moving to Canada in 1977 where he assisted his son Louis with his Toronto Caribana bands. Following that hiatus, he returned to Trinidad in 1983 to produce the last three of his bands. He was awarded the Public Service Medal of Merit Silver in 1972 for Carnival Development. The following is a listing of his presentations: 1953-Quo Vadis; 1954- Conquerors of Kisra; 1955-Imperial Rome 44BC to 96AD, 1st; 1956-Norse Gods and Vikings, 1st; 1957-The Glory That Was Greece; 1958- Holy War, 1st (Tied); 1959-Cree Indians of Canada; 1960-Siam 1250-1767; 1961-Zambesi Head Hunters; 1962-Julius Caesar’s Conquest of Gaul; 1963- Controversy of Time; 1964-Mexico 1519 to 1521, 1st; 1965-Pacific Paradise, 1st; 1966-Asia; 1967- Epic of the Zulus; 1968-El Dorado, City of Gold, 1st; 1969-Psychedelic Latin America; 1970-Atlantis-Land of Seven Cities; 1971-Festival of the Tembu
Warriors; 1972-Fantasy in Jewels; 1973-Fashionable Sailors from Paris; 1974- Sun Kingdom of the Amazons; 1975-Cult of the Leopard; 1976-A Sailor Is a Sailor; 1983-Masquerade to Carnival; 1984–Name that Tune; 1985-We Mas Have Class. With the kind permission of Nasser Khan.

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